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Day care point for children fleeing war from Ukraine

Hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing war in Ukraine find shelter and basic care in Polish homes. As a society, we are brilliantly passing the test that life has set before us.

In addition to meeting the most critical needs – accommodation, food, basic necessities for those who flee and take practically nothing with them – it is already worth asking ourselves the question: WHAT COMES NEXT? And immediately the next question – HOW TO HELP THEM IN THE FUTURE, just a few or a dozen days later.

Imagine a mother who, with her two or three young children, found herself in a strange city. She has been accommodated in a dormitory or warmly welcomed by good people – she doesn’t worry about that. However, as she is undoubtedly a resourceful woman, she wants to complete the necessary official formalities which will allow her to fully legalise her stay, she wants to see a doctor – because the many days of wandering have seriously damaged her health or that of one of her children, she wants to finally find a flat, a job or even to start working, she wants to enrol her child in a Polish school, she just wants to start living here and functioning normally. She will not be able to do any of these things if she has to take the children in her care with her every time she goes.

This is where we come in, all in white 🙂 – a group of Wrocław volunteers, educators with many years of experience and people willing to help.

In Wrocław Karlovice, starting from nothing, we have created in just a few days, a PLACE FRIENDLY TO CHILDREN fleeing war in Ukraine. A place where every mother who needs at least a few hours of respite will be able to safely leave her child and take care of other urgent matters for her own and their good.

We have the support of the L’Arche Foundation, which has made its premises available to us, we have gathered toys and art materials, we have a staff of volunteers, who out of their good hearts and „for the child’s smile” want to devote their time and take up such care together with us.

We have secured funding for the first days of this facility. From Monday 7.03.2022 we are ready to accept up to 25 children at the same time.

However, we need to think rationally about what to do next and here we ask YOU to join us and help financially to secure FOOD for this group of children (all of them are provided with a hot meal, drinks and snacks) and materials for the following weeks of the centre’s functioning.

Do you have to donate a lot in order to help? No – just imagine that 1 lunch costs PLN 14 and that just this PLN 14 is enough for us to accept another child for the next day. The given fundraising amount will secure food and basic materials for 6 months of this operation! Make one of these days yours.